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Faith and Character

School Mass

Mass is an extremely important part of our religious education. In order to teach our students to grow up to be strong Catholics, we need to teach them the importance of going to Mass. It is while we are connecting with Christ through the Eucharist that our faith grows stronger and we can more clearly see the plans God has for us.

Students in grades K-8 attend Mass each week. A select Cantor Ensemble leads school liturgies, which are coordinated with the Parish Director of Music. After Christmas of each year, transitional kindergarteners join the rest of the school for Mass.

The Eucharist is a banquet to which Jesus personally invites us. It was Christ’s last gift to us before He died. We hope to impress this upon our students as they grow in their faith.

Catholic Education

Christian education, in conformity with the Catholic philosophy of life, strives to deepen love of God and neighbor in the individual and to express this love in creative relationships in the home, the school, the parish, and our social and civic worlds. The religion program includes a developmental study of religious truths and Sacred Scripture, participation in worship and congregational singing, practice in Christian living, and growth in Christian personality and knowledge. Through its practical application to daily living, religion is the integrating force in the Catholic school and imprints upon it a unique significance.

In Diocesan schools, Christian Family Life Education is a process of on-going education from preschool through high school. Its objective is to develop in students an appreciation of life in all forms as God’s greatest gift and to strengthen positive attitudes. In our school, Family Life Education is an integral part of the curriculum; therefore, all students are required to participate in the program.

Sacraments at OLQA

At OLQA, we have an extensive Sacrament program. We believe that parents are the primary educators. Our teachers communicate what it means to do service for the Church as well as live a holy life as a faith-filled Catholic. We are taught to live our Baptism by making good choices. Students make their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in second grade. In preparation for this, the second graders attend a retreat where they learn more about how the Last Supper was the first Mass. The school attends weekly Thursday Mass where students participate as readers, lectors, altar servers, gift bearers, and choir. All of these opportunities help the students fulfill the sacraments.

Rosary Group

Why should I pray the Rosary?
The Rosary is a special set of of prayers to God that help us to remember the most important events in the lives of Mary and Jesus. These events are called the Mysteries. There are 20 Mysteries in total. Five are called the Joyful Mysteries, five are called The Luminous Mysteries, five are called The Sorrowful Mysteries and five are called The Glorious Mysteries.

These Mysteries are stories about the lives of Mary and Jesus. Each group of Mysteries relates to one group of ten beads on the Rosary. This ten group of beads is called a decade.
Join OLQA's Rosary Connections. The group meets Mondays after drop off in the Ministry Center garden to pray for the intentions of our OLQA community.

Annual Traditions

Christmas Programs
Advent Season at OLQA is a beautiful time of year. All students perform in a school-wide Christmas program as well as individual grade performances during school liturgies. Grades TK-4 participate in a Christmas Luncheon in the hall to celebrate the Advent Season.
Community Outreach Program
Catholic Schools Week