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ipad project

At Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School, our vision is to enhance learning through the integration of technology, which will enable our students to become life-long 21st-century learners. With this vision, teachers will design curricula that prepare students to meet the demands of the future.

To further augment technology integration, OLQA School has chosen to employ iPads and Chromebooks as personal learning tools for students. These devices were selected because of their portability, user-friendliness, touch-technology, wide-range support for apps, and low systems maintenance.

Since the inception of mobile devices in our technology program in the year 2012, OLQA School has seen tremendous improvement in student writing, computational skills and the students’ ability to take charge of their own learning by working independently and collaboratively with others. This huge investment aims to move students above and beyond embracing the 4C’s of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Technology Supplemental Curriculum

The Lab serves as an extension of technology integration in the classroom. With the help of the Computer teacher, students are given further instruction in Digital Citizenship, Computing Practice, Computational Thinking, Information Literacy, and Real-World Applications. Students are given cross-curricular projects to enable them to plan, research, collaborate, create, evaluate, communicate, and present their work. The computer curriculum is based on the new ISTE Standard for Students 2016 and the technical requirements of the Common Core State Standards. Both standards aim to have students as the driving force of their own learning through experimentation and discovery. Currently, technology is applied across curricular subjects and closely integrated into the maker space program. Click the links below to know more about the standards.