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Philosophy Statement

Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School Philosophy Statement
As ministers of Catholic education, we recognize the unique gifts and talents God has given each child. In partnership with the parents, who are the primary educators, we strive as a community to develop faith-filled Catholics, lifelong learners, globally responsible citizens, and effective communicators in preparation to contribute to the world of tomorrow.

The mission and philosophy of Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School are clearly embedded into the social and educational campus climate. The school's mission to empower and inspire the student body through faith, knowledge, and service is evident in all aspects of student life. Together the students, families, and faculty work in partnership to form a community of scholars who collaborate to develop student intellect, faith, and service to others. The mission statement is regularly reviewed by all stakeholders. The current mission statement was adopted in the Spring of 2022.

Over time, Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School has developed into a strong community of faithful Catholics. Students participate in weekly Mass to celebrate the liturgy, and they attend in partnership with “Angel Class Buddies” to allow older students to serve as mentors and models for younger learners. During Mass, students are encouraged to serve as lectors, members of the choir, and altar servers. Further, as students prepare to receive the Sacraments they partake in class retreats and thoughtful dialogue regarding the meaning of Catholic rituals of faith. Students at Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School are consistently provided opportunities for daily prayer, personal reflection, knowledge of Scripture and open-ended discussions to facilitate a deeper understanding of the meaning and value of their faith. Additionally, connections of the Catholic faith are specifically woven into all curricular areas to foster an understanding of how their faith relates to grade-level curriculum.

At Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School, students are called to put their faith into action through service. A variety of opportunities to positively impact the lives of others are presented throughout the year. The student body consistently participates in food and clothing drives to assist local charities, and the school and family communities respond to national and global crises and challenges through collaborative prayer and targeted donations. The Junior High students participate in direct service opportunities such as creating Christmas and Easter baskets to aid local philanthropies for children. The entire Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School community vigilantly seeks opportunities to serve in alignment with the liturgical year, as well as areas to support local needs and/or foster worldwide disaster relief awareness. 

The Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School Mission and Philosophy recognizes the importance of growing our students in knowledge by guiding student learning in effective and meaningful manners. Faculty is knowledgeable of a variety of pedagogical strategies to appropriately motivate, engage, and challenge learners. Students are prompted to think critically and creatively through a wide range of learning experiences, including open-ended discussion, problem and project-based learning, depth and complexity, blended learning, and inquiry. Instruction is thoughtfully differentiated based on assessed needs and readiness, and educators continuously assess student understanding to determine the next steps in the lesson-planning process. Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School students attain the concepts and skills within the core curriculum, and their knowledge is enriched through exposure to a variety of additional disciplines such as music, art, technology, broadcasting, Spanish, and physical education. Additionally, student learning is enhanced through varied types of field experiences, school-based competitions, and challenges, speaker presentations, and role-playing opportunities. The aforementioned objectives for thinking and learning are all accomplished through the successful collaboration and support of the parent community.