Welcome to Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School. We are committed to Catholic Education. We recognize that each student is a unique creation of God with individual abilities to be developed and shared. Our Lady Queen of Angels School is a community that ministers to students of diverse abilities, including some with special academic and physical needs. In cooperation with the parents, who are the primary educators, we work to discover and develop the potential God has given to each child so that he/she will be prepared to live in and contribute to the world of tomorrow. We strive to live this out by providing programs that stress Catholic values and promote self-worth, respect, responsibility, independence, and leadership. We believe Catholic education has, as its goal, development in several areas: religious, academic, physical and cultural, personal and social, and service to the community.We guide the spiritual formation of the students. We strive to influence the moral values of each child and hope to enable the strengthening of his/her personal relationship with God.

Intellectual Development
We address the diversity of academic needs arising from our recognition of individual learning styles. We endeavor to teach the child to develop thinking skills and reasoning processes that will enable him/her to competently meet the demands of the present and the challenges of the 21st century.

Physical Development 
We foster in our students an awareness of good physical health which we believe is essential to their total growth and well being. We achieve this goal by providing physical education instruction in grades kindergarten through eight. We provide wonderful extracurricular physical education programs and have a healthy

Personal and Social Development 
We guide the students in development of a positive self-concept and an attitude of respect, acceptance, and courtesy toward others. We help the students to define their personal roles and responsibilities as members of society. We achieve this goal by the following:

  1. Identifying the school community as part of the larger parish community
  2. Providing recognition of individual efforts through Honor and Citizenship Awards
  3. Developing a sense of pride in one’s accomplishments
  4. Developing a sense of pride in one’s cultural roots and recognizing the variety of cultures
  5. Providing opportunities for the development of student leadership
  6. Discussing concrete examples of social problems within the classroom and making an appropriate application at each grade level
  7. Providing formal counseling services for individuals through an on-campus counselor
  8. Providing opportunities for social interaction, e.g., class parties, school parties, school festivals, Catholic Schools Week activities, sacramental celebrations, grade level sharing, Outdoor Science for grade six, student trip to Washington, D.C. for grade eight
  9. Encouraging school spirit through participation in pep rallies, field day activities, and Student Council sponsored activities
  10. Requiring service from grades seven and eight to the school, parish, and community
  11. Providing opportunities for participation in service projects, e.g., Thanksgiving Food Collection, Family Adoption at Christmas, Propagation of the Faith, Parish Outreach, and support of other missions

Aesthetic Development
We stimulate an appreciation of the varied components of a rich heritage. We encourage recognition and appreciation of the arts in our Christian and secular culture. We achieve this goal by the following:

  1. Offering a sequential program throughout our total curriculum including music and art
  2. Sponsoring art exhibits, Christmas program, and speech contest
  3. Encouraging the study of the aesthetic contributions of people of many cultures
  4. Providing field experiences for students at concerts, plays, and museums, and also providing on-going enrichment programs on campus
  5. Providing opportunities through art projects, vocal and instrumental music, and speech making for self-expression