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Life At OLQA

At Our Lady Queen of Angels we often say that this is a place where students thrive, and we see the proof every day in their lives. OLQA students are happy, healthy, curious, eager and engaged in learning and the world around them. They are boys and girls and young men and women of character, integrity and respect and care for others.
A tightly-woven student life program of service, leadership, advisory, health and wellness, traditions and our Catholic foundation are essential elements of an OLQA education. Beyond the classroom, students are further encouraged to explore their own experience and areas of interest through a vibrant, close-knit community of classmates, younger and older students, caring adults and robust and authentic opportunities for personal growth. Our school culture, from students to adults, is welcoming, inclusive, loving and supportive where students are confident to try new things, take risks, sometimes fail and often succeed beyond their own expectations.
OLQA students actively participate in a variety of experiences and traditions that provide balance to their academic rigor and new applications for their learning. The core of student life at OLQA, is time spent gathered together nurturing peer and student-adult relationships, mutual trust, comfort and confidence to be themselves share their voice and try new things. Formal gatherings in the life of school include, Mass, Middle School and Upper School Convocations, assemblies, class meetings, class retreats for 1st Communion and Holy Week, Catholic Schools Week, pep rallies, dances, activities, performances and Angel’s sporting events.
Our 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip and the culminating events of the Academic Decathlon bring our students together, as well as our 8th Grade Commencement Ceremony.