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Academic Criteria

In all grades, the emphasis is placed on enhancing each child's self-image within academic, social and spiritual contexts.

1. Academic First Honors will be awarded to students in grades 6th through 8th with A or A- in Religion, Language Arts, math, social studies, science, Spanish, and music throughout a trimester. (A is an exceptional grade.)

2. Academic Second Honors will be awarded to students in grades 6th through 8th with no grade lower than B in Religion, reading, English, spelling, math, social studies, science, and Spanish throughout a trimester.

3. Angel Pride Awards will be presented to students who exemplify Our Lady Queen of Queen of Angels School’s Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs). They are Faith-filled Catholic, Life-long Learner, Responsible Citizen, and Effective Communicator. These SLEs may also be found on our website. Grade level and special-subject teachers will collaborate to select one student per grade
level each month who has demonstrated one or more of the SLEs that month. The selected student will be presented the Angel Pride Award during the last school Thursday Mass each month.

4. Character Awards are given to students who have effectively demonstrated strong character traits each month. Each month, all students will focus on a specific character trait. These traits e.g. respect, responsibility, and gratitude will be discussed and exemplified during classroom discussions. At the end of each month, classroom teachers will select 3-4 students who have exemplified the
specified attribute to receive the Character Award. These awards will be distributed in the classroom on the last Friday of the month.