Let's Rally to the Finish Line

Dear Parishioners, School Parents, and Supporters of Our Lady Queen of Angels,
Every so often we are allowed to see our efforts produce a positive influence. It has long been a dream of our parish and school to enjoy an Athletics and Activities Center on our campus. That dream, which was begun by Msgr. Bill McLaughlin, and carried forward by Msgr. Kerry Beaulieu is expected to become a reality in February 2022.
Your financial sacrifices to this project as part of the Our Lady Queen of Angel’s Cornerstone Campaign, allowed us to have sufficient funds to begin the process. Through your generosity, we have raised and received over 85% of the total cost of the project. However, due to the pandemic, all construction projects were put on hold until later this past year. The parish team approached the Diocesan Finance Council this past October and was able to receive permission to proceed since permitting and construction drawings were already completed. Three construction companies were invited to bid on the project, and while all three were worthy and qualified companies, the team selected Slater Builders as the contractor. The contract was signed Friday, February 19, and we celebrated!
Site construction began Monday, March 8, with construction expecting to last 12 months. Since this is an active campus, we are taking every safety precaution for our students. We are working hard to make sure this construction site will have a minimal negative impact on the school day. I am sure there will be a few bumps along the way, but we will work through them.
Dr. Tipton and I are very thankful for your generosity and support. We know you do this out of care for our school children and the opportunities this Athletics and Activities Center will provide for them. You are helping to make this dream come true. The entire student body is thankful. May the Lord continue to shower blessings upon the Our Lady Queen of Angels community.

Together in Christ,
Fr. Steve Sallot, Pastor
Dr. Julie Tipton, Principal