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Parent Service Auxiliary Board

The purpose of this Association is threefold: To Build Community, To Provide Service to the School, and To Fundraise.

The PSA Board consists of parents who currently have students at OLQA School. Each Executive position is a two-year position and each Standing position is a two-year position but can be extended if approved by the nominating committee.

The PSA meetings are held once a month.

President – Dana Strader
Facilitate the work of the Board on an on-going basis.

VP Programs – Stephanie Lowe and Debbie Eldridge
Organize two major luncheons – Christmas and Graduation luncheon

VP Ways and Means – Neil and Nancy Johnson
Plan Auction Fundraiser

VP Volunteers – Melanie Nichols
Records and tracks family’s volunteer hours

Treasurer – Kim Tavares
Tracks budgets and records expenditures for each committee

Secretary – Kristi Johnson
Records and distributes minutes for monthly Board Meeting

Parliamentarian – Jennifer Awad
Coordinates nominating committee for selecting Board members for following year

Enrichment – Amy Chung and Leslie Boyd
Plans 2-3 assemblies a year to help enrich students’ education

Hospitality – Lisa Marie Costa and Valerie Clark
Plan monthly staff luncheons

Publicity – Feng Vogt
Writes and publishes Angel Notes and social media

Catholic Programs – Trina Melancon Saeedi and Marielle Nguyen
Plans week-long activities for Catholic School Week

Athletics – Amy Williams
Coordinates sports activities