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Safety Updates

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released updated guidance for K-12 (K is inclusive of TK) schools reflecting recent updates from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). County health officials have confirmed that all school districts must comply with the guidance for schools included in the State Public Health Officer Order of June 11, 2021, which derives its authority from Health and Safety Codes 120125, 120140, 120175,120195 and 131080 and other applicable laws. As a public entity, the Orange County public health order includes a similar requirement.
The Department of Catholic Schools and OLQA’s administration will continue to monitor our state’s guidance and will keep you posted on any changes that impact Catholic school operations. We will continue to follow public health and safety guidelines and uphold our bishops’ commitment to the common good.  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT

Dear Parents, 

We continue working on and revising our OLQA Plan. Our revised plan was developed adhering to the adjusted guidelines of the Diocese of Orange, as well as from national, state, and local agencies. This COVID-19 pandemic is fluid and unpredictable; therefore, our plan remains subject to change as new information becomes available. Please know student safety is always at the forefront of our decisions and we remain committed to a proactive approach to providing for the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and well-being of our students and their families.

We remain grateful for the continued support and commitment of our OLQA families to the mission. We are here to provide the very best for our Angels. Our OLQA COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN is designed for students to remain safely on campus for in-person learning. Your families remain in our prayers.

Father Steve Sallot, Pastor and Dr. Julie Tipton, Principal

Unfortunately, COVID-19 remains a variable in our operations at Our Lady Queen of Angels School. We have developed the GUIDELINES FOR THE 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR in partnership with the Diocese of Orange. The only restriction that is still required is the use of face coverings in the classrooms. We are so thrilled that ALL OTHER restrictions to our normal operations have been lifted (masks outside, desk shields, temperature taking, social distancing, etc.) that allow us to bring back all the great opportunities at OLQA like Makerspace, after-school sports, the art & music room, after school enrichment, and MUCH MORE!
GUIDELINES FOR THE 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR The Department of Catholic Schools and OLQA will continue to monitor our state’s guidance and will keep you posted on any changes that impact Catholic school operations. We will continue to follow public health and safety guidelines and uphold our bishops’ commitment to the common good. 
OLQA SAFETY PLAN UPDATE COVID-19 - Policies for August 23- November 1, 2021
(Will be reviewed and revised November 1, 2021)
MASKING (Referred to as Face Covering)  
  • Students in all grade levels, TK-8, are required to wear face coverings indoors  
  • Adults in TK-8 school settings are required to wear face coverings when sharing indoor spaces with students.  
  • Face coverings are optional outdoors and will not be required at OLQA.  
  • If a student is in need of a face covering, the office will make one available for him/her.  
  • A student is not allowed to attend class if he/she is not wearing a face covering.
PHYSICAL DISTANCING  Physical distancing requirements are not necessary when other mitigation strategies are implemented (i.e. masking). OLQA will resume all regular daily activities, classes, and instructional practices.
QUARANTINING  Staff members and students with symptoms of COVID-19 infection are not to return for in-person instruction until they have met CDPH criteria to return to school for those with symptoms: 
  • At least 24 hours have passed since the resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications; and
  • Other symptoms have improved; and 
  • They have a negative test for SARS-CoV-2, OR a healthcare provider has provided documentation that the symptoms are typical of their underlying chronic condition (e.g., allergies or asthma) OR a healthcare provider has confirmed an alternative named diagnosis (e.g., Streptococcal pharyngitis, Coxsackie virus), OR at least 10 days have passed since symptom onset  
Quarantine recommendations for: unvaccinated students for exposures when both parties were wearing a mask, as required in K-12 indoor settings. These are adapted from the CDC K-12 guidance and CDC definition of a close contact. 
  • When both parties were wearing a mask in the indoor classroom setting, unvaccinated students who are close contacts (more than 15 minutes over a 24-hour period within 0-6 feet indoors) may undergo a modified 10-day quarantine as follows. They may continue to attend school for in-person instruction if they: 
  • Are asymptomatic; 
  • Continue to appropriately mask, as required;  
  • Undergo at least twice weekly testing during the 10-day quarantine; and  
  • Continue to quarantine for all extracurricular activities at school, including sports, and activities within the community setting  
Quarantine recommendations for: unvaccinated close contacts who were not wearing masks or for whom the infected individual was not wearing a mask during the indoor exposure; or unvaccinated students as described above.
  • For these contacts, those who remain asymptomatic, meaning they have NOT had any symptoms, may discontinue self-quarantine under the following conditions:  
  • Quarantine can end after Day 10 from the date of last exposure without testing; OR  
  • Quarantine can end after Day 7 if a diagnostic specimen is collected after Day 5 from the date of last exposure and tests negative 
  • Cleaning will occur a minimum of once a day to remove potential viruses that may be on surfaces  
  • If a facility has had a sick person with COVID-19 within the last 24 hours, OLQA will clean and disinfect the spaces occupied by that person during this time. 
VISITORS  All visitors to campus must be masked, regardless of vaccination status. 
  • If the need arises for OLQA to close a classroom, grade, or school, OLQA will quickly implement our Distance Learning program. 
  • OLQA is prepared to offer alternative educational opportunities for students who are excluded from campus due to a legitimate health concern (i.e. COVID positive, or needing to quarantine).  
  • A student will be marked absent if he/she is not present in class or actively engaged in Distance Learning due to an appropriately documented medical reason