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Student Council



SY 2017-2018



Parker Awad

Commissioner General

Kaly Keating

Vice Commissioner General

Jonathan Chaix

Commissioner of Secretary

Kemper Rodi

Commissioner of Religious Affairs

Allie Albano

Commissioner of Finance

Ava MacDonald

Commissioner of Girls Athletics

Caroline Glessing

Commissioner of Boys Athletics


Commissioner of Spirit

Clara Pancake

Commissioner of Safety and Assembly

Nick Habeeb

Avery Balint

Commissioner of Publicity

Grace Kingler

Commissioner of Ecology

Lucy Hamilton

8th Grade Representative

Charlie McGee

Jackson Walker

7th Grade Representative

Preston Johnson

6th Grade Representative


Gabriella Britt

Katie Parker

5th Grade Representative


Michelle Chaput

Michalis Karmis

Hayden Wyler

4th Grade Representative


Maddox Johnson

Alex Naughton

3rd Grade Rep


Sophia Tordera

Christian Tavares

2nd Grade Representative

Colin Boyd

Katie Reyes

1st Grade Representative

Alex Lallande

Ella O’Keefe

Kindergarten Representative

Kate Boyd

Kate Slagle